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Model Mayhem
A.D. Cook

10 Years of ModelMayhem

ModelMayhem.com was created on March 3, 2005. They contacted me shortly after and invited me to join their site. I was looking to extend my model connections, and MM was a perfect choice, so on April 8, 2005, I became a member #531. A decade later, ModelMayhem is still around – and bigger and better than ever!

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Aphrodisia featuring A.D. Cook Book Cover (preview)
A.D. Cook


Aphrodisia ~ Art of the Female Form Beautiful and imaginative paintings, drawings, sculptures, and computer-generated imagery of women chosen by a jury of some of today’s best artists and connoisseurs of the female form. Jury members Joe Chiodo, Spencer Davis,

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Quick Throttle featuring A.D. Cook motorcycle art 2005 (preview)
A.D. Cook

Quick Throttle Magazine

Rider Profiles By Janga Northwest Edition June 2005 and California Edition January 2006 A.D. Cook Is it a photograph? Look again. The big, juicy motorcycles with bottomless chrome, glowing color, and incredible detail are paintings by airbrush artist A.D. Cook.

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