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ADCook.com celebrates 24 years online
A.D. Cook

ADCook.com Turns 24 ~ Launched this Day in 1996

Celebrating 24 years online. ADCook.com was launched on Oct 23rd, 1996 to share A.D. Cook artworks and design. How Time Flies I still remember the excitement of creating and launching the first ADCook.com website. In retrospect, by today’s standards, it was, well… pretty funky.

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ADCook.com art creation timeline 2020 > 1988
A.D. Cook

Art Creation Timeline – Dreams and Memories

I love timelines. When it comes to telling a story with pictures, I can think of no better way to show the progression of something. This website’s Art Creation Timeline maps A.D. Cook’s artworks, murals, and paintings from 1988 to now. I want to suggest that it is a complete listing, but it’s only a sampling of my favorite pieces.

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ADCook.com - since 1996
A.D. Cook

Happy Birthday, ADCook.com

Hard to believe… my site, ADCook.com has been live and showcasing my art for 19 years now. Launched this day in 1996 (you know, back when we paved the Internet highway with cobblestones – lol).

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