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1953 & 2023 Corvettes at Southern Highlands Golf Club

Corvette Art Countdown

Mark your calendar. The date is confirmed for the official LUSTER Art Exhibition launch at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky, to unveil my two supersized artworks celebrating Corvette’s 70th anniversary as America’s Sports Car.

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Momentum Corvette paintings - Creation and Evolution

Momentum in Action

Most dictionaries define momentum as motion or a series of events and speak of mass and velocity. My new art in the studio is all of that! I could not be more excited as my latest artwork, MOMENTUM, moves forward. Momentum is not about light speed. After all, the difference between the 1953 Corvette and the 2023 Corvette is seven decades of choreographed steps to get from there to here. Nothing great happens overnight.

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The Corvette Art Monkeys with Iwata Airbrush

The Art Monkeys Know All

I guess I’ve been slow in posting updates lately, but the paintings are moving along nicely. I’m enjoying my time in the studio, creating what I know will be an epic work celebrating America’s Sports Car for Corvette’s 70th-year anniversary as part of the LUSTER Exhibition next year.

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Momentum Corvette Art Comp Teaser

Corvette Art Update

I could not be more excited! These past weeks, I have been drawing, printing out photos from my recent Corvette shoots, and generally obsessing over my Corvette art project.

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Happy birthday, Corvette 2023

National Corvette Day 2023

June 30th is a memorable day for many Corvette enthusiasts and car lovers. Known as “National Corvette Day,” this date marks the celebration of one of America’s most iconic sports cars, the Corvette, celebrating 70 years!

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1953 & 2023 Corvettes at Southern Highlands Golf Club

Corvette Dreams in Las Vegas

I could hardly imagine a better way to start the day. Today my fabulous Corvette owners and I created an epic morning by uniting one of America’s first Corvettes with its most Current C8 Z06 for a photo shoot in Las Vegas.

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Canvas gesso prep - session 4

A Slate-Smooth Beginning

I’m excited to get started on my Corvette paintings for inclusion in the LUSTER Exhibition at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky, next year. But before I can start painting, I treat my canvasses to a multi-step process to create the perfect canvas for my realism art.

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