The Creation and Evolution of MOMENTUM

Creation and Evolution

Enjoy my new video “The Creation and Evolution of MOMENTUM” featuring my Corvette diptych paintings from concept through completion, created especially for inclusion in the Luster Exhibition at the National Corvette Museum, 2024.

MOMENTUM is two paintings, CREATION (the ’53 Corvette) and EVOLUTION (the 2023 Z06). Follow both artworks from their initial photoshoot at a beautiful Las Vegas private golf course with two amazing cars and countless hours in the studio painting this four foot by ten foot diptych. This video gives you a little peek behind the curtain, so you may even pick up on a few of my studio tricks and my love for coffee (and the occasional craft beer :-).

8:28 Minute Video Timeline
:09 The Artist
:15 The Inspiration
:27 A Special Thanks
:41 In The Studio
7:42 Artist Signing the Paintings
7:55 Credits
8:14 LUSTER Info
8:22 Music Credits

Visit the Corvette Art Timeline for the complete story.


MOMENTUM artwork (CREATION and ETERNAL) and “The Creation of Momentum” video created by A.D. Cook © 2024 

Soundtrack by GREASE GUN Copyright 2009
Special thanks to Grease Gun for the tunes; “Let’s Go Again,” “Midnight Sun,” and “Rat Rod Boogie” (for that awesome engine roar). Original Music by Gabe McCubbin (guitar), Eric Barton (keyboard, guitar & bass), and Larry Davis (saxophone).

“Sincere appreciation goes to A.D. Cook for having our GREASE GUN music be a part of his amazing painting, “MOMENTUM”, for the Corvette Museum. A.D. Cook has always been a great friend and creative collaborator for many years. Your artwork is truly awesome, A.D.!!”

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