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Momentum paintings by A.D. Cook, 2024


National Corvette Museum official logoNearly a year ago, David Wagner, the curator of the Luster Exhibition, invited me to create something special for an exhibit at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. When he suggested I could do something epic, I didn’t hesitate for a minute. In truth, I was so excited that I had no idea what I was signing up for. It’s been a while since I created super-sized canvas realism art, like what we were discussing. I’ve mainly made metal pieces, a few artistic nudes, and a few writing projects these past few years. Dave’s challenge seemed worthwhile and exciting, so it didn’t take much for me to sign on to this project.

This week, I completed my two Corvette paintings for inclusion in the Luster Exhibition beginning March 16th. As an artist and Corvette enthusiast, I am honored to participate in Corvette’s 70th Anniversary celebration and the National Corvette Museum’s 30th Anniversary.

MOMENTUM (48” x 120”) celebrates America’s Sports Car through two paintings, each measuring 48” x 60” and designed to hang as a diptych or separately.

After months at the easel, the paintings are complete (as of 02/20/24), signed, and on their way to the museum; it’s nice to power down for a minute to reflect and catch up on the project’s journey so far.

Because art is about telling stories, this short story is about the paintings and how they evolved from idea to finished art. I’ll condense where I can, but it’s a big-picture story, and if you’ve followed my art, you know I love doing things big. It probably goes back to my mural painting days, when my paintings were typically a hundred up to a couple of hundred square feet each. My Corvette diptych is not quite that large. Both images displayed side-by-side measure four feet tall by ten feet wide, a combined forty square feet.


I began my paintings by brainstorming and drawing dozens of ideas to portray Corvette’s legacy and share my life-long love for Corvette. It all started with dozens of small sketches with pen and paper – nothing fancy, just idea bursts. I went through almost an entire sketchbook, exploring ideas and various compositions. What was vital in my mind was their journey from modest sports cars to supercars and how I would tell a story visually.

Once I decided on including two cars and which cars I wanted, finding the vehicles, then doing a photo shoot with the two cars together, and preparing my canvas and studio for these big pieces, I was ready to paint. (Click here for the art timeline).

As a diptych, MOMENTUM shares Corvette’s epic beginning with a first-year car in Polo white (which was the only color available in ’53) and Corvette’s most current 2023 70th Anniversary Z06 Stingray in Arctic White. Each car has a unique story to share.

What can I say about the fifty-three? This car is iconic in so many ways. Without it, there would be no Corvette. The car was rare in its first two years of limited production, and today, they are beyond rare, especially in excellent condition. It’s not like many of these cars are around so I felt blessed to find one early on with a gracious owner who was excited to participate in my project. In full disclosure, this is a fifty-four Corvette, which is the same as the fifty-three. A ninety-seven-point trophy-winning car, beautifully maintained and restored to its original mint condition, I could not have hoped for anything more. This car is the very beginning for Corvette, which is why I titled the individual painting CREATION.

CREATION was a complete blast to paint. I got lost in that big smiling chrome grill for days. Because I drove a Corvette for years, I painted the Hollywood Video murals; I included the mountain and light beams in the skyline. As an homage, I painted much of this painting with the same airbrush I used for the Hollywood murals thirty years ago (also the same year that the Corvette Museum opened). Above the skyline is the Pisces Constellation, since the car’s owner shared that her vehicle was manufactured on March 9th, 1954. That is my birthday, although it is a few years later.

In the ’53’s withheld is a reflected Stingray, looking forward to Corvette’s lustrous future. And finally, the car’s VIN (E54S001587) is hidden within the painting. I don’t want to spoil everything, so I’ll let you find it.


My second painting, EVOLUTION, features the 2023 Corvette Stingray Z06 convertible as the highest evolution of America’s Sports Car, now a world-class driving machine that can take on any challenger.

In painting Evolution, I came to love all the detail integrated into this car’s design. Alongside the ‘53, I can see this car’s development over seven decades. You’ve come a long way, Corvette.

Regarding the paintings, the process was more like creating lots of smaller paintings: grill, tail light, license plate, exhaust, and then connecting all the pieces through the body panels. That gave me a lot of time to appreciate my muse at eye level and get lost in its smooth lines.

A reflection in the driver’s mirror honors Corvette’s creation with a look back at the ‘53. Like its sister painting, this car’s VIN (1G1YF3D36P5602494 ) is also embedded within the artwork.


The prevailing theme of MOMENTUM is America as Corvette is renown worldwide as America’s Sports Car. That’s my primary reason to include the U.S. flag spanning the whole ten feet of these paintings, covering seven decades of American innovation and design. With that, these paintings are also part of my America First series, which also includes AMERICA and DREAM 103.


After months of painting, both artworks were completed and signed on February 20, 2024. Finally, I installed their hanging hardware, painted their edges, and gave both paintings a few sprayed coats of satin varnish so they have a smooth even finish to protect them into Corvette’s next seventy years.

Later that evening, my photographer buddy, Rex Steele, stopped by the studio, and we shot some high-resolution archival pics with his mega camera, so I have large files in case I ever need them.

Over the next day, a couple visitors came by the studio to see the finished pieces, but beyond my small circle, no one has seen these other than the Internet.

And before I knew it, the paintings were gone. While I barely lived with them for more than a couple of days, the studio somehow feels void now, with my large Corvettes to brighten my day. I look forward to seeing MOMENTUM again soon.


MOMENTUM’s story is just beginning. CREATION, EVOLUTION, and three of my motorcycle paintings, AMERICA, DREAM 103, and INDIAN SUMMER, will be on display through 2024 at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. From there, Momentum will travel to its new home to yet be determined. The other will travel forward with the LUSTER Exhibit in their ongoing journey of epic museums across America.

Stay tuned for updates and pics. Visit the CORVETTE ART TIMELINE for the complete story.

This original artwork is for sale. Serious inquiries only, please.

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