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Book of Dreams and Memories
A.D. Cook

More Than Ever

Creativity is a journey. Art is the manifestation of that journey. Sharing the art and its journey creates provenance.

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Trust But Verify at ADCook.com
A.D. Cook

Trust, But Verify

When it comes to art, provenance matters. Today, more than ever, the story behind an artwork is as important as the art itself. Art theft is at an all-time high in this digital age of easy duplication and distribution of imagery. As an artist, that is why I go to extremes to provenance my creations.

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ADCook.com Alexa Top 100k Global Rank
A.D. Cook

Thank You, Alexa

In today’s Internet world, an artist has to be a creative entrepreneur, a web designer, and a marketer, along with a lot of other skills to succeed on any level, both online and on the Internet. It can be a lot to keep up with and still make time to create art. For years, I relied on Alexa.com to keep me informed of my website’s status and have continuously increased my global and US rankings.

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Provenance and Authenticity by A.D. Cook
A.D. Cook

Art Provenance

You hear a lot about provenance in the art world. As it should be – provenance is an important part of the art in your collection. Provenance is how you answer important questions, like who really created the art, when it was created, sometimes where it was created, and hopefully how it was created.

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