The C Gallery Show Shines a Spotlight on the Power and Beauty of Abstract Art

Barry Mack - abstract art

Featuring 14 Golden Abstract Paintings

Celebrating my old friend, artist Barry Mack, and his new golden abstract series!


Barry Mack headshotBarry Mack, an artist known for exceptional innovation and creativity, is unveiling a new gallery show featuring 14 richly textured, golden, abstract paintings. The show is at the C Gallery, Portland, Oregon, and is open by appointment.

Mack’s latest series of abstract paintings explore the extraordinary qualities of gold.

Each of the 14 paintings offers a unique aura that draws the viewer into a dialogue with a golden world of natural textures. The paintings are characterized by their use of gold, a color that Mack employs to convey a sense of luxury, beauty, purity, and lasting value.

The textures of the paintings have stone or rock-like features. The richly layered mixed media creates depth in the work, allowing the viewer to see and feel the subject of gold in truly awe-inspiring ways. The texture is interesting at a distance and becomes fascinating up close and personal. They are both visual and tactile works of art.

The interplay of light over a textured surface of gold, brought on by the strategic placement of iridescent color, makes Mack’s latest works curiously captivating. 

The use of gold, which reflects and refracts light, creates a sense of dazzling movement and dynamism. The paintings appear dramatically different under varying light conditions and viewing directions, adding a sense of mystery and wonder.

The 14 new pieces evoke remembered emotions and stories, each with a unique and distinct personality. 

Some paintings, for instance, portray a sense of serenity and calm, while others exude vibrant and powerful energy. The use of gold and texture to express these emotions is a discovery with exciting possibilities.

The new C Gallery show shines a spotlight on the power and beauty of abstract art. For more details, visit

Barry Mack Signiture

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