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Persephone by Beti Kristof

Artist Beti Kristof

What can I say about artist Beti Kristof? I’ve been a fan of her art and creative sensibilities since the day we met. Her passion-filled spirit and paintings embrace life

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Bobby Wheat Photographer, Las Vegas, NV - Emergence

Bobby Wheat

Kudos and Cheers to Photographer Bobby Wheat After more than three successful years at Tivoli Villiage, the Bobby Wheat Gallery is proud to announce that they will be relocating to

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Steve Connolly, Spirit of the King

Steve Connolly

The diverse and dynamic Steve Connolly always impresses with his “Spirit of the King” performances and “Portrait of a King” artworks. I’ve known Steve a couple of years now. We

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Barry Mack Red Abstract Detail

Barry Mack

Barry Mack and I go back a long time. I met Barry in the late 1980s when we were introduced by a mutual friend. Our shared passion for art immediately

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Raphael Schnepf Illustration Design

Raphael Schnepf

I’m a huge fan of artist Raphael Schnepf. I have been since the day I met him a quarter-century ago. It sounds like a long time, I know, but it

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Jennifer McCarty Artworks 2014

Jennifer McCarty Art Show

The Jennifer McCarty Art Show – “An Aries Artist” was her 1st Solo Show, but you wouldn’t know it by the crowd. She showed 61 original pieces and had a

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Chuck Close working in studio

Oh, So Close…

I’ve been a fan of artist Chuck Close for a long, long time.   His larger-than-life artworks have inspired me for years. But, even more so, his larger-than-life “can-do” attitude

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