The Look

Created in 1994, this original painting was created on Tyvek, a non-woven surface created by DuPont. “The Look” has been in a climate-controlled archive for the last decade. Recently discovered and offered here, this is an original one-of-a-kind painting.


The Look — 50″ x 42″, mixed media on Tyvek © A.D. Cook 1994

In 1994, an artist friend, Dave Malone, introduced me to Tyvek as a viable surface for my art. I had just left Hollywood Entertainment as their creative director and was open to exploring innovative ideas with my art. While I found the material to be exciting in its own regard, it didn’t take long for me to realize that canvas was my favored surface for my paintings. That makes this painting truly unique in my body of art since I believe it is the only Tyvek creation in existence — from my studio anyway. Many of the techniques reflected in this painting are still seen in my current works, including the use of gold leafing, pearl pigments, and abstract expressions in backgrounds.

“The Look” was displayed proudly in my home for about a decade, then wrapped up and archived in a climate-controlled facility for nearly the last decade.

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