Under Pressure: Painting with Air ~ A Survey of Contemporary Airbrush Realism

Under Pressure - Painting with Air - artork by Alan Pastana

The Huntsville Museum of Art

Huth, Boeing & Salmon Galleries

I’m excited to share that the UNDER PRESSURE — PAINTING WITH AIR (A Survey of Contemporary Airbrush Realism) EXHIBIT premiered on October 24, 2021, at The Huntsville Museum of Art in Huntsville, Alabama, where it will run through January 16, 2022.

As an airbrush artist, I feel a real connection to this exhibit. The show’s curator, David Wagner, and I have chatted about his plan to put together an airbrush art exhibit for a couple of years now, and finally, words have manifested into a reality.

I am especially proud in that a select few of the artists included in the exhibit are old friends and art heroes of mine. Some, like Don Eddy, have inspired my art since I was very young.

Under Pressure is comprised of 45 works, wide-ranging in theme. It is a survey exhibition of contemporary realism by 15 exceptional airbrush artists from around the U.S. and beyond, including photorealists Don Eddy, Kirk Lybecker, Dru Blair, and Hisaya Taira; still-life painter Cesar Santander; abstract illusionist George Green; Silvia Belviso; David Evanoff; Joshua Zarambo; Jerry Ott; Bruce Evans; and Alan Pastrana.

source: https://hsvmuseum.org/under-pressure

“The earliest, and perhaps the last exhibition to broadly survey airbrushed fine art that I am aware of was The Artist and The Airbrush, curated by Barbara Rogers, herself an accomplished artist, 40 years ago at The Art Department of San Jose State University in California where she served on the faculty.”

Under Pressure is organized by David J. Wagner, LLC.

Exhibit tickets are on sale HERE.

After Huntsville, the exhibit will continue to The Hansen Museum in Logan, Kansas.

Featured artwork, Angels, by Alan Pastrana.

Photos courtesy of LUSTER artist Ken Scaglia, from the premiere at the Lyman Allyn Museum of Art in New London, CT. Ken praised the installation, saying, “The exhibit is so elegant with the dark gray walls. The artworks all look crisp and revealing against the walls.”

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