St. Jude Sculpture at Lamborghini Las Vegas

For the past three weeks, my St. Jude sculpture has resided at Lamborghini Las Vegas, making the brightly lit perch next to the window her home.

A.D. Cook St. Jude sculpture at Lamborghini Las Vegas

And, I gotta tell ‘ya, I like her there. She looks good, and she’s in great company. And her being there gives me a great excuse to visit the beautiful cars and catch up with Tom and the crew. Going to the Lamborghini showroom is like going to an art gallery. I get the same visual satisfaction. After all, the cars are beautiful. They are art.

St. Jude sculpture at Lamborghin Las Vegas“Los cosa que hacemos por amor…” The things we do for love.

Sure, I could tell ya that my approach to the design of my St. Jude sculpture is Lamborghini-like, or Lamborghini inspired even, with her smooth lines and sensuous curves. But it’s not. Instead, my sculpture, like Lamborghini, is inspired by a woman – or women. Regardless. The things we do for love is about mother and daughter. Women – the circle of life and the road traveled. So, I think they belong together — my pearl white sculpture and a bevy of beauties in a rainbow of color. Anyway, just sayin’… (maybe I’ll do a version in Verde Ithaca one day).

St. Jude sculpture at Lamborghin Las Vegas, A.D. Cook, ArtistA view through the looking glass, from the outside in. This side reads “The things we do for love…”

My St. Jude sculpture, “The things we do for love”, will be on display at Lamborghini Las Vegas until April 4th…

All heart — A.D. Cook St. Jude sculpture Lamborghin Las VegasAll heart. The things we do for love.

Anyway, getting to the point, my statue, “The Things We Do For Love,” is having an extended “staycation” at Lamborghini Las Vegas. We do that in Vegas sometimes. Stop by and check her out until April 4th. Then she moves across town, where she’ll be sitting in style. More on that later, so stay tuned or sign up for my newsletter for updates.

St Jude sculpture Lamborghin Las Vegas - AventadorMy St. Jude sculpture overlooks a beautiful black Lamborghini Aventador roadster.

The art continues outside, where there’s always a beautiful collection of shunning exotics. The new Huracan is art and state-of-the-art.

St. jude statue at Lamborghini Las Vegas Tom Brazill and A.D. CookTom Brazill, General Manager at Lamborghini Las Vegas, and artist A.D. Cook with the 2015 St. Jude sculpture.

Lamborghini Huracn at Lamborghini Las VegasThe Lamborghini Huracan. Art. Definitely art.

Love Lamborghini? Visit Lamborghini

Lamborghini Las Vegas

— and Lamborghini Las Vegas

7738 Eastgate Rd., Henderson, NV 89011

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