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Easyriders, April 2001
A.D. Cook

Easyriders Magazine

April 2001 Art Imitating Art. A.D. Cook paints pictures of Harleys and man does he ever. “Passing Time” is his latest piece, and it’s a fine one. No question about it, either, the guy knows how to lay down an airbrush acrylic image on the canvas. “Course, he has been

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A.D. Cook Hollywood Video Supermurals in Airbrush Magazine
A.D. Cook

Airbrush Magazine

Airbrush Large Scale Painting / Interior Super Murals Story by Kurt Sinner, published in Airbrush Magazine vol. 2.3, 1995 Sometimes big is better. Ask any kid if he wants a little or a big scoop of ice cream. Or ask Shaquille O’Neal… he’ll tell you. Or you might ask A.D.

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Airbrush Action 3, The Best New Airbrush Illustration featuring A.D. Cook Art
A.D. Cook

Airbrush Action 3, The Best New Airbrush Illustration

Two A.D. Cook Hollywood Video murals are featured in Airbrush Action 3, The Best of New Airbrush Illustration. Featured artworks include Elvis & John Wayne, and T-Rex, both created for Hollywood Video stores and painted in the artist’s Tigard, Oregon studio.

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