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Corvette art diptych for scale - 1953 vs 2023

National Corvette Museum LogoIf you read my earlier post, A.D. Cook Art National Corvette Museum, then you know that I am moving forward to create a unique Corvette artwork for inclusion in the LUSTER: Realism And Hyperrealism In Contemporary Automobile and Motorcycle Paintings exposition scheduled to exhibit from March 1st through December 31st, 2024, in celebration of Corvette’s 70th Anniversary!

National Corvette Museum - Generations of Corvette up to 2011

For this, I am creating two four-foot by five-foot paintings designed to display as a diptych. Both images will complement one another when hung side-by-side or displayed separately. One canvas will showcase a white 1953 C1 to commemorate Corvette’s first year, with the second canvas depicting a 2023 Arctic White C8 Stingray Z06. When displayed together, the two artworks pay tribute to Corvette’s timeline and 70th Anniversary.

The National Corvette Museum will prominently display the artworks on a special wall within the Museum’s Gallery through 2024 as the centerpiece of the LUSTER Exhibition.

The following is a timeline of the Corvette project with links to related stories and posts. Follow the Corvette 70th Anniversary Art Timeline page for updates.

Follow the Corvette 70th Anniversary Art Timeline page for updates on the 70th Anniversary painting.

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Blog Posts and Updates about the Luster Exhibition and the National Corvette Museum – 2023 through 2024.

Follow the Corvette 70th Anniversary Art Timeline page for updates and hand entries [artist’s log].

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