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Three Powerful Words For Any Creative Person

Those three words, “CREATIVE ENERGY EXCHANGE,” resonated with me and were forever ingrained within my creative psyche. As much as I can, I enjoy sharing that with others, especially artists, designers, and writers, mainly because we tend to create solo more than most other creative people.

Several years ago, I was chatting with someone in the art tools world who threw out a term I had never heard before but have never forgotten. Those three words were “Creative Energy Exchange” while discussing creative collaborations.

BlueDahlia Album Cover featuring ENCORE by A.D. Cook

Actors, directors, and musicians understand creative energy exchanges better than most creative people I know. Solo musicians are rare since most sing or play an instrument as part of a group or band, but even unaccompanied singers usually work with a music producer or manager.

I spend most of my creative time alone as an artist, writer, and designer, but I’ve always enjoyed collaborating with others for a fresh perspective. Creating art solo is always great, but interacting with other artists and sharing ideas with talented creators is energizing. Maybe that’s why artists and musicians seem to work well together. That transferred energy of creative ideas makes any project all that much better.

Artists and photographers exchange creative energy with their models when the model becomes a muse. As a figurative artist, I believe it makes all the difference in the creative process. A positive attitude and fresh poses separate the model from the muse.

Creative Energy Zapper

Analog Instruments - Pencil & PaperArtificial Intelligence (AI) has proven to be an impressive feedback mechanism; however, it does not entirely qualify as an energy exchange. Since AI generates expected outcomes based on input data, there is not much of an organic exchange that occurs between the system and humans. While AI is an incredible creative tool, it may lack the necessary exchange needed for productive collaboration. In fact, sometimes AI can be counterproductive to creativity. Instead of enhancing the creative process, it may zap the very energy that it was intended to produce. Therefore, it is essential to consider how AI is being utilized in projects to determine whether it is genuinely aiding and contributing to creativity or simply serving as a substitute for the human brain.

Read my post, “A Better AI.

My Creative Energy Igniter

Collaboration is a powerful tool that allows individuals to come together and combine their unique strengths and skills to achieve a common goal. However, it is important for each collaborator to understand what they stand to gain from this partnership.

Working Together by artists Barry Mack and A.D. Cook, 2006Effective collaboration requires a shared purpose, mutual respect, communication, and trust. When everyone involved in the creative energy exchange feels like they have something to contribute, the group is more likely to stay motivated, engaged, and invested in the project’s success. The key is to strive for a win-win situation where every collaborator’s needs and interests are met. Therefore, it is necessary to communicate transparently and listen to each other’s ideas and concerns to ultimately create an environment where everyone can thrive. Collaborating can be a valuable experience that leads to exceptional results, but it takes a committed team effort.

When it comes to sparking the creative juices of a group, there needs to be a sense of mutual benefit among the collaborators. In my opinion, this means that each individual should be willing to bring their A-game to the table. Whether it’s coming up with innovative ideas or closely collaborating with others to implement new solutions, everyone’s contributions can help boost the overall quality of the project. And let’s face it, there’s nothing more frustrating than feeling like some team members aren’t pulling their weight or aren’t fully invested in the project’s success. So, by making a conscious effort to bring your best efforts and ideas, you not only inspire and motivate the rest of the group, but you also benefit from expanded knowledge, skills, and experience that can help increase productivity and ultimately lead to a successful outcome.

Creative Energy and AI

Creative Energy Exchange - Bulb & SproutToday, many of my creative collaborations are between me, as the creator, and technology, especially with the onslaught of AI, which is now integrated into virtually every tool I use as a designer. As the world progresses and technology advances at an alarming rate, it is undeniable that creators and technology are forming more creative collaborations than ever before. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), there has been an explosion of innovation in the creative industries, bringing forth new and exciting ideas that were once thought impossible. The pace of these developments is fast, and we can expect even more breakthroughs in the near future.

It is fascinating to witness the growing partnership between creators and technology, as it opens up endless possibilities in areas such as design, music, film, art, and beyond. As AI systems become increasingly sophisticated and adept at recognizing patterns, analyzing data, and making predictions, creators can leverage these capabilities to enhance their creative output and push the boundaries of what is achievable.

But there is a huge downside…

The Collector and Artist Energy Exchange

Brooklyn artwork at collector's home, Las VegasAs an artist, nothing brings me greater joy than engaging in creative energy exchanges with my collectors. Whether it’s through commissioned works or just casual conversation, I relish every opportunity to connect with those who appreciate and support my art. The process of bringing a vision to life is an incredibly fulfilling experience, one that I feel fortunate to share with my collectors. Collaborating with them to create something truly unique and meaningful is a privilege that I don’t take lightly, and I always strive to exceed their expectations with every piece I produce. Seeing the joy and excitement that a finished work brings to my collectors is the ultimate reward for me, and it’s what keeps me inspired and motivated to continue creating. I believe that art is all about connections– connections between the artist and their audience, between the work and the viewer– and I feel immensely privileged to be able to foster those connections through my work.

Featured images © Adobe Stock. Licensed for editorial.
BlueDahlia (2021) cover art featuring ENCORE by A.D. Cook, 2011
Working Together” 60″ x 48″, acrylic on canvas, collaborative painting with artist Barry Mack, 2006

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