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The Corvette Art Monkeys with Iwata Airbrush

They Hear All, See All, But Say Nothing…

I’ve been asked a lot lately, “Hey, A.D., what’s up with the Corvette art project?

I guess I’ve been slow in posting updates lately, but the paintings are moving along nicely. I’m enjoying my time in the studio, creating what I know will be an epic work celebrating America’s Sports Car for Corvette’s 70th-year anniversary as part of the LUSTER Exhibition next year.

It’s not a project that I take lightly because I’ve been a Corvette guy since I was a kid, and I drove one as my daily driver during my Hollywood Video years. (Oh, how I miss that car.) So, I am super-honored to be even a small part of their history through my art. But I’m equally honored to participate in the LUSTER: Realism And Hyperrealism In Contemporary Automobile And Motorcycle Paintings Exhibition, which has showcased three of my motorcycle paintings and 14 other artists’ works to over a dozen major museums.

Having said that, I am humbled to create these paintings and share my passion for Corvette’s Legionary history! I’ve been painting this in my head for a few months. It’s time to put it on canvas.

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