Grand Laughs Comedy Show

I love a good comedy show. The Grand Laughs Comedy Show starring Paul Scally did not disappoint. Paul and his featured comedians left us laughing.

We caught his show last Thursday, the Red Carpet and Media Party Show at the Palms kicking off his new digs, and I gotta say… it was funny. I had a blast and am already looking forward to my next night out of fun jokes and belly rolls.

Paul Scally, Comedian, Las Vegas

The GRAND LAUGHS Comedy show starring PAUL SCALLY & Las Vegas’ funniest comedians is only at the Palms Hotel & Casino at THE LOUNGE.

He’ll be starring in this show every week, acting as Host/headliner along with some of the best touring, LA, and Vegas Acts.

Paul tells us that the Grand Laughs Comedy Show will become the Number 1 and only Comedy Club experience in the Downtown area of Las Vegas. The show’s format is a new style of comedy experience that will become one of the highlights of the Downtown Grand Hotel and a must-see show for any Las Vegas tourist when visiting the downtown area. The show’s backbone will be a stand-up comedy consisting of three acts, including Paul Scally as the Host and Headliner of the Show. The show also includes one variety of guest spots, totaling four professional acts each night.

The show is catered to tourists, giving it a different audience every week. However, the show will be on an “act” rotation as well to cater to the local audience in order to build a regular/local following of the show.

Kudos Paul. Cheers!

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