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We're Not Magicians

What artists and designers create is magic, but there are no secrets to accessing knowledge and growing our creative bag of tricks.

Today, more than ever, online knowledge and information are readily available to learn just about anything anyone can imagine, or solve almost any problem if you know where to look.

Over the years, I’ve assembled a list of some of my favorite resource links for Artist Resources, Creative Design Tools, and Web Tools. Each of the three categories has a collection of links that you may find useful.

  • Artist Resources include links to Anest-Iwata, Artool Products, Blick Art Supplies, Coast Airbrush, and other traditional art tool sites.
  • Creative Design includes links to Adobe Software, Canva, Elementor, WordPress, and more for digital content creators and writers.
  • Web Tools includes some great links to improve and test your website’s performance; CheckPageRank, GTMetrix, W3Scools, Yoast, and a few others that are useful for website development.

My resource list is created from my continuing interests and experiences online. I’m sharing my list with you as a way of raising the bar and growing as a creative community. The listed resource links lead to free information, additional resources, and web tools. For the most part, everything is free with only a few (hardly any) affiliate links (which cost you nothing).

My Resource Links Page is continually evolving so check back often.

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