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The Making of Eternal - Video Splash

The Creation of ETERNAL

Two years after photographing my model/muse for my latest metal fine art nude, the artwork is now finished and ready for my collector’s home.

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Artist A.D. Cook with EQUINOX painting, 2005

EQUINOX 2005-2023

I painted EQUINOX, my life-size fine art nude (above), on canvas 18 years ago, inspired by the change of seasons and the forthcoming winter. EQUINOX is a follow-piece to SOLSTICE, which I painted in 2004 to capture the essence and warmth of the Summer Solstice.

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Eternal mixed media metal artwork by A.D. Cook


My newest original life-size metal fine art nude is inspired by a beautiful muse and the timeless Fibonacci Sequence. ETERNAL’s creation is an explorative journey that forever changes my metal art creations going forward.

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Lightning Storm over Phoenix, Arizona

Disasters and Recovery – Part 2

Few people know that my INDIAN SUMMER motorcycle painting experienced a colossal disaster halfway through creating it. So did BACKDRAFT, one of my better-known life-size fine art nudes.

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ETERNAL metal artwork in progress 031523

The Eternal Update

It’s been a while since I posted anything about my current artwork on the easel. ETERNAL, my lifesize metal fine art nude that I started over a year ago, has quite a story, and she’s not even finished.

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Model Society Model Citizen 2023

Model Citizen 2023

Thank You, Model Society I am honored to start the New Year as a featured artist in the Models Citizens 2023 gallery. their first curated gallery for the year.

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Nirvana by A.D. Cook

2012 Flashback

Twenty-twelve was a prolific year for me. Over that year, I created a stainless steel metal wall art (Ascension) and painted four canvas life-size and more giant fine art nudes, including; Truth, Ascendant, Jubilee, Premier, and Nirvana, and wrapped it up with a series of abstract artworks. Please read my post from 2012 for the complete list.

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Filmstrip Video Archive at ADCook.com

The All-New Way-Overdue Video Archive

Creating a Video Archive page has been on my To-Do list for some time. With all the changes happening with YouTube and action to limit my videos to account holders only, I figured now was the time to fix that mess.

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A.D. Cook Art Nudes at Conrad West Gallery

Realistic Life-Size Art Nudes on Canvas in the Historic Las Vegas Arts District — I‘m excited to show my realistic life-size art nudes on canvas at the all-new Conrad West Gallery in the Historic 18b Arts District in Las Vegas.

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Discover the best Figurative Fine Art in the World

Model Society Featured Artist

Honored to share that A.D. Cook is a featured artist on ModelSociety.com. Honored because the level of creative artists, models, and photographers on this website is impressive. I’ve shared a collection of my figurative art nudes on the ModelSociety website for a few years, so I’ve had the pleasure of watching the site grow and mature.

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