Jennifer McCarty Art Show

The Jennifer McCarty Art Show – “An Aries Artist” was her 1st Solo Show, but you wouldn’t know it by the crowd. She showed 61 original pieces and had a great turnout of friends and fans.

I guess you’d have to put me in the fans category since I had never really met Jennifer before her show on Saturday evening (1/1/14) at the Cultural Corridor Theatre Center. I’ve been aware of her for a while through Facebook and her website so, I’m glad I was able to stop into her show, meet her and see her body of work. This was the first time all of Jennifer McCarty’s art was shown in one space. Early paintings, drawings, and sketches to all of her recent musings were all represented. Her art ranges in mediums, styles, and emotionally driven circumstances. From floral abstracts, conceptually stimulating bubbles, and poised portraits, there’s something for everyone.

It was a great evening of mingling, music, cocktails, cake, and ART!

Jennifer McCarty Art Show, Las Vegas, NV 01/01/14

Jennifer’s art on the walls of the Cultural Corridor Theatre Center, Las Vegas, NV

Drippy Face by Jennifer McCarty ©

Drippy Face © Jennifer McCarty

Modi+Sitting+Nude, acrylic on canvas, 18″ x 24″ © Jennifer McCarty

Modi+Sitting+Nude, acrylic on canvas, 18″ x 24″ © Jennifer McCarty

Jennifer's Art Show, Las Vegas, NV  01/01/14

Kudos to Jennifer for a great showing.


A great crowd showed up to celebrate Jennifer’s art.

Artist Jennifer McCarty, Las Vegas, NV

No shortage of smiles. Everyone had a great time.


Caroline with Jennifer’s wing diptych. Everyone had their moment to be an angel.

Jennifer McCarty and A.D. Cook, Las Vegas, NV

Artists Jennifer McCarty and A.D. Cook.

I’d have to say her first showing at the Cultural Corridor Theatre Center in Las Vegas was a success. The only downside being that it was for one night only, so if you missed it, you missed it, although she does private viewings by appointment.

In the meanwhile, I’m ready looking forward to her next show. Cheers, Jennifer!

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Artist Jennifer McCarty, Las vegas, NV

Jennifer McCarty, artist – Las Vegas, NV.

Jennifer is a self-taught artist. She has always felt that creating art is a necessary part of life; whether it is painting, drawing, crafting, sculpting, murals, or gardening. She sees art in everything around her.

An avid admirer of other people’s artwork, she is constantly inspired. Jennifer’s art ranges in mediums, styles and emotionally driven circumstances.

For Jennifer, art offers a release from the everyday details into a world of passion, dreams, and meditation.

Today, Jennifers work embodies her unique philosophy toward life. Each piece is an individually interpretive story. Unique models, color arrangement, subject placement and plays between the light and the dark are just a few of the areas that make Jennifers artwork an interesting journey towards the nature of self-discovery.

Online at   |   Find her on Facebook at.facebook/Jennifer.mccarty25

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