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Gabby pencil drawing - WIP by A.D. Cook 2013

Drawn to Beauty

I find sometimes that simply returning to the basics is what art is about. In the process of returning to an earlier look, feel, style, discipline – whatever it is,

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A.D. Cook enjoying a cigar at En Fuego, Las Vegas, NV

Cigar Times

It’s no secret – I love cigars. Some days there is nothing like a great cigar. Today was one of those days. I stopped in on my friends at En

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Artist A.D. Cook with model Brandy Beavers 2013

The Master of the Muse

The Master of the Muse by Brandy Beavers. I once saw a documentary in which a group of credited scientists held a controlled experiment. The premise was simple. They recruited

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Wayne Cook, Sr. (preview pic)

Father’s Day Tribute

Father’s Day always brings back good memories for me — probably because my dad was such an important part of my creative life. My dad was a doer. If he

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Google Image Search

Google Image Search

Google Image Search is a powerful tool. Like many of you, I use Google’s awesome search capabilities on a daily basis. I tap into it for research when writing articles,

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A.d. Cook at Niagara Falls, Canada 2013

Canada Oh Canada

Canada Oh Canada. My recent trip to Canada was inspired. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to suggest that I returned home inspired. Either way, it was a blast

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A.D. Cook and Kaycee at Arizona Bike Week 2013, Cave Creek, AZ

Kindred Spirits

Arizona Bike Week 2013 rocked the southwest in the true spirit and style of riders and enthusiasts alike. This annual motorcycle rally and gathering really is a fantastic event. The

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RoMa Cigars at En Fuego

Roma Cigars at En Fuego

in·tem·per·ance — n. Lack of temperance, as in the indulgence of appetite or a passion. Last evening certainly met that criteria. I indulged at En Fuego Cigar Lounge in Las

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Dr. E. Fred Aguilar, Houston , TX

Testimonial ~ Dr. E. Fred Aguilar

In today’s proliferation of instant media, rapid social media integration, overnight sensations, digital photography and digital art, the majesty of painting sometimes seems to vanish. The creation of art on

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Dargo Cook 1998-2013

In Loving Memory

They say a man’s dog is his best friend. I would say that is definitely true more often than not. I know that was definitely the case for me. My

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Arizona Bike Week

I’m having a great time at Arizona Bike Week, hanging out with my buddy Steve Soffa and enjoying the event from behind the scenes. At an expected 92 degrees, the

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OBLIVIOUS art nude on canvas by A.D. Cook (detail)

Sublime and Oblivious

You never know what great surprises resurface from the art archives. Years ago, when I moved my life and studio from Portland to Las Vegas I had left behind a

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Lynsey the Muse - photo by A.D. Cook (detail)

Forever Inspired

Beautiful muses have inspired artists for virtually as long as art has existed. For all I know art was borne in the first place as a result of the great

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Anatomy Art Books

Figuratively Speaking

I love figurative art – especially art nudes. There is no secret in that here. I’ve been painting the nude on canvas and metal for over a decade now. But

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