A Slate-Smooth Beginning

Canvas gesso prep - session 4

The Perfect Canvas

I’m excited to get started on my Corvette paintings for inclusion in the LUSTER Exhibition at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky, next year. But before I can start painting, I treat my canvasses to a multi-step process to create the perfect canvas for my realism art.

In order to achieve a smooth and even surface on my canvas, I take great care in preparing it with a meticulous process that involves applying gesso through a series of approximately a dozen sessions. Using a small squeegee, I carefully layer on several very thin applications until the canvas is fully covered with the gesso.

Once this is accomplished, I then move on to the next step, which involves priming the canvas with acrylic paint via a professional-grade spray gun. This process ensures that the canvas is perfectly primed and ready for any artistic expression I may choose to apply on it, be it painting, drawing or any other creative endeavor. By taking the time and effort to properly prepare my canvas, I am able to create stunning and visually striking works of art for those who enjoy them.Art Monkey at A.D. Cook art studio, Las Vegas, NV

If you are curious about my process, read my article “Creating the Perfect Ultra-Smooth Canvas,” originally published in Airbrush Action Magazine Magazine’s December 2004 issue.

Follow these canvas’s journey as they go from blank canvas to finished paintings.

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