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Nirvana Hair Detail by A.D. Cook

Hair Nirvana

Black Friday 2012 – enjoying a fantastic day in the studio. Hair is one of my favorite things to paint, and Nirvana is no exception. She has miles of hair painted one strand at a time. I still am quite a ways to go with her. So, back to the easel for me — after all, they don’t paint themselves.

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Nirvana by A.D. Cook

It’s All in the Details

Today, I had the pleasure of working on my newest painting, which I have affectionately named “Nirvana.” The painting is coming along beautifully, and I am thrilled to report that it is almost complete. I just have a few more details and some finishing touches to add to the hair.

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NIRVANA art nude by A.D. Cook, 2012

Artist at Easel

Sometimes “at large” isn’t the best place to be. I get so much pleasure from my time at the easel that there are days I don’t even get out of the studio. I am enjoying a fantastic day working on my newest painting, Nirvana.

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TRUTH featuring Liz Ashley by A.D. Cook (face detail)


2012, 60″ x 36″ [152.40 cm x 91.44 cm], root beer colored acrylic pearls on specially-prepared pearlized canvas Completed on May 20th and signed during the solar eclipse, “Truth” is my fourth figurative painting for 2012, and features the beautiful Liz

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Premier by A.D. Cook Video

Premier Video

https://youtu.be/cqJTgieDJO8 The “Premier” art video showcases my painting in process from beginning through the creation of the completed painting – featuring muse Jess Robinson. View “Premier” painting – 48″ x 36″ VIDEO ARCHIVE

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Artist A.D. Cook with MARQUEE painting on canvas

Marquee – New Painting on Canvas

Marquee by A.D. Cook ~ 60″ x 48″, airbrushed acrylic on pearlized canvas After a month of easel time and thousands of small brush strokes in creating her fur coat, Marquee is complete. This painting has been on my ‘to-paint”

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MIRAGE painting and artist AD. Cook

Mirage – New Canvas Original…

MIRAGE, my latest painting created with Pearlized acrylic on specially-prepared canvas features an all-new model. Mirage by A.D. Cook © 2011 – 60″ x 48″ Stephanie is my latest muse. She is “Mirage” ~ beautiful to look at and much

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BREEZE painting on ground metal by A.D. Cook

Breeze Video

https://player.vimeo.com/video/764339680 The creation of Breeze, 30″ x 60″, candy urethanes on hand-ground metal. Featuring the beautiful muse, Ariel, also featured inAriel 11  |  Arrow  |  Breeze  |  Breeze ~ BW  |  Tangier  |  Tangier ~ Miami  |  Tangier ~ Reds Private collection, Hilton Head Island, SC <

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Custom Automotive & Motorcycle Airbrushing 101 by Pamela Shanteau featuring A.D. Cook article

Custom Automotive & Motorcycle Airbrushing 101

by Pamela Shanteau Foreward by Craig Fraser Whether you’re just starting or you’ve been painting like a pro for years, there’s something to be learned on every page of Custom Automotive & Motorcycle Airbrushing by Pamela Shanteau. This detailed, step-by-step

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ECLIPSE painting by artist A.D. Cook

Creating Eclipse

Creating Eclipse by A.D. Cook Canvas Wrap Article, November 2004 Welcome to CANVAS WRAP and my ongoing series of step-by-step instructional articles on the art of airbrushing as fine art. CANVAS WRAP will present a “no secrets” approach in these

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