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ART HOG Iwata Medea ComArt ad featuring A.D. Cook

Art Hog Iwata Airbrush Ad

I often paint big and want colors that respond in a huge way. So when I go HOG WILD, Com-Art Colours, Iwata Airbrushes, and Artool templates are there for me. I look to Com-Art Colours for larger-than-life brilliance and faithful color reproduction.

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A Brush With Attitude Iwata Eclipse Ad featuring AA.D.Cook motorcycle art (preview)

A Brush With Attitude Iwata Ad

Newly expanded and extremely versatile, the Iwata Eclipse Series features general-purpose, high-paint flow airbrushes covering a wide range of uses. Fine artists and automotive custom painters find the Eclipse easy to maintain and highly durable. Commonly used to spray premixed or heavier paints, the Eclipse Series is designed for precise control of spray when applying moderate to large amounts of paint to a variety of surfaces.

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A.D. Cook Hollywood Video Supermurals in Airbrush Magazine

Airbrush Magazine

Airbrush Large Scale Painting / Interior Super Murals Story by Kurt Sinner, published in Airbrush Magazine vol. 2.3, 1995 Sometimes big is better. Ask any kid if he wants a

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Video Store Magazine featuring A.D. Cook Hollywood murals 1993 (preview)

Video Store Magazine

VIDEO STORE MAGAZINE Hollywood Video is a brash young chain out of Portland, Oregon, Setting its sights on you-know-who? Video Store magazine cover, August 9-13, 1993 – © 1993 AdvanstarFeaturing

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