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Momentum paintings on wall with floor branded Momentum
A.D. Cook

Corvette 70th Anniversary Art Timeline

Corvette 70th Anniversary Art Timeline Celebrating America’s Sports Car through two exclusive original artworks featured at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky, through early 2025. DEPARTURE diptych: Creation (1953 Corvette) and Evolution (2023 Corvette) Posts Timeline I’m excited to share that the National Corvette Museum has invited me, Las Vegas Artist

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National Corvette Museum - Generations of Corvette up to 2011
A.D. Cook

Lustrous Corvette Celebration

Share in Corvette’s 70th Anniversary Announcing a spectacular opportunity to celebrate America’s Sports Car through two exclusive original artworks to be unveiled and prominently displayed at the National Corvette Museum. AMERICA’S SPORTS CAR CELEBRATION APRIL 2023 // The National Corvette Museum has invited Las Vegas Artist A.D. Cook to create

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Momentum paintings by A.D. Cook on display at National Corvette Museum
Robert Maxhimer

Beauty in the Abstract: A.D. Cook and Hyper-Realism Art

Long before artificial intelligence consumed all conversations related to the blurred line of assisted creativity, artists had often found themselves at the center of the question, “How is art defined?” Art, whether a sculpture, painting, photograph, theatrical production, or film, is inherently subjective and interpreted only through the eyes of

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AMERICA FIRST Art Series by A.D. Cook
A.D. Cook

America First Art Series

Over the past few years, I’ve inadvertently created a collection of artworks that has fondly become my America First Series. It’s a small series of epic paintings of America’s Sports Car and American iron – aka Haley-Davidson and Indian motorcycle. Several of my America First creations include an American flag

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A.D. Cook


Classic T-shirts and beautiful cars are always in fashion. Since unveiling my latest epic car painting, MOMENTUM, I’ve been asked if I offered shirts featuring the paintings. While I’m not in the apparel biz, my friends at TeesPDQ can print great images on almost anything. With that in mind, they’re

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Dream 103 by A.D. Cook
A.D. Cook

Realism Art vs Photorealism vs Hyperrealism

One of the big questions that often arises from collectors and museum docents is, “What is the difference between realism and hyperrealism art vs. photorealism art?” I love that question because it involves distinct differences, often blurred and blended.

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