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En Fuego 2nd Anniv Party, Las Vegas, NV 2014

The En Fuego Second Anniversary Party

Take a great evening, fantastic cigars, live music, and a beautiful body-painted model; you have the ingredients for an awesome time in Vegas. Friday was En Fuego Cigar & Lounge’s Second Anniversary Party, and it was a blast!

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A.D. Cook Lifestyle Art, Las Vegas, NV

Your Lifestyle. Your Art.

Celebrating Life Through Art. Your lifestyle. Your Art. Enduring and timeless, my original paintings preserve and celebrate my ideals of abundance and a zest for life.

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WiX ADCookArt 2014

Beauty Inspires Me

Enduring and timeless, my original paintings preserve and celebrate my ideals of beauty and honor the grace, strength, and complexity of the female spirit. I direct my creative energies at producing epic original fine art nude and figurative artworks on specially prepared canvas, metal, and mixed media. Most are painted life-size and larger, featuring a contemporary approach to the time-honored figurative and art nude genres. My imagery bursts out of traditional art forms, leaving viewers appreciating its beauty, detail, and sensual nature.

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Barry Mack Red Abstract Detail

Barry Mack

I met Barry in the late 1980s when we were introduced by a mutual friend. Our shared passion for art immediately united us as life-long friends; over the years, we’ve watched each other grow as artists. Barry’s art delves into the mysteries of the unknown, forever exploring color, texture, and the underlying emotions brought forth by art and the creative process.

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Seth Grabel at Las Vegas Harley-Davidson, Las Vegas, NV

Where Magic Happens

Leave it to the crew at Las Vegas Harley-Davidson to create a fun-filled family event. Celebrity Illusionist Seth Grabel put on a great show for an awesome crowd, amazing everyone with his appearing Harley illusion, along with card tricks and his impressive ability to get out of a straight jacket.

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Save Page 3

Save Page 3

Glamour means beauty for its own sake. Glamour photography of women, such as the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition or Page 3 of the Sun in England, is not meant to sell anything but itself, to sell female beauty.

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Whiskeyfest 2014

WhiskeyFest Las Vegas

For those who might think I don’t know Jack, I’m here to tell you otherwise. In fact, after yesterday’s WhiskeyFest Tasting Experience at the Golden Nugget in downtown Las Vegas, I not only know Mr. Daniels but a few of his friends as well.

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Raphael Schnepf Illustration Design

Raphael Schnepf

You learn a lot about someone over a lifetime of creative endeavors in this journey we call life. Raphael, or “Raf” to his friends, has been a dear friend of mine and an inspiration since our first encounter when we were introduced by our mutual friend, artist Michael Cacy, in the late 1980s. Back then, I was painting the larger-than-life Hollywood Video murals. Raf was creating beautifully detailed airbrushed illustrations.

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Super Bowl XLVIII 2014 at R&R Partners

Super Bowl

The best Super Bowl party ever. Not to discount previous Super Bowl parties because they’re all great in their own way, but this one was different. Mostly, in the past, I’ve gone to friends’ homes for Super Bowl parties. I always enjoy those. I’m sure you do, too… hanging with friends, meeting new people, and catching up. Although, in reality, a lot of times, they’re more party than a game. Good times, though – all of them.

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Jennifer McCarty Artworks 2014

Jennifer McCarty Art Show

The Jennifer McCarty Art Show – “An Aries Artist” was her 1st Solo Show, but you wouldn’t know it by the crowd. She showed 61 original pieces and had a great turnout of friends and fans.

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James Walkenshaw and A.D. Cook Jame's B-Day

Happy Birthday James

For anybody who doesn’t know James, he’s the man for art supplies in Las Vegas. His family has owned and operated Desert Art Supplies for three generations.

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