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Model Mayhem

10 Years of ModelMayhem

10 Years on… It seems like only yesterday that I signed up on their site. ModelMayhem was created on March 3, 2005. They contacted me shortly after and invited

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Metal Art, A.D. Cook, Artist, Las Vegas, NV

Metal Art

I love metal art. I enjoy creating it and I rejoice in the finished pieces. They are dynamic and fun and bring a lot of visual elements into the art-viewing

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Karma Masquerade 2015

Karma Masquerade

Karma’s famous Masquerade party where Phantom of the Opera meets Eyes Wide Shut was a blast! The 7th Annual Karma Masquerade billed as an evening of mystique & seduction, was

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Beauty and Brains

Beauty and Brains

A TRIBUTE TO BEAUTY AND BRAINS In 1933, a beautiful, young Austrian woman took off her clothes for a movie director. She ran through the woods, naked. She swam in a

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Beti Kristof and Melanie Lesh

Zest of Life

Recently, I had the privilege of meeting a very special lady and sharing in her celebration. She had just completed her final chemo treatment at the Cancer Treatment Centers of

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Getty Villa Hilltop Mansion, Malibu, CA

Getty Villa

Ya, I’m in love. I love the Getty Villa. It would be hard not to love this spectacular tribute to decadence of an era past celebrating the ancient world of

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How A Pencil Is Made

How A Pencil is Made

Ever think much about a pencil? It’s one of the simplest tools man has ever created, yet one of the most important. How a pencil is made hasn’t changed much

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Sexxy Topless Revue, Las Vegas, NV

Sexxy Show

The Sexxy Show, A Topless Revue featuring Jennifer Romas and her six sexxie sirens opened in true Las Vegas style in the Shimmer Showroom at the Westgate Resort and Casino

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Persephone by Beti Kristof

Artist Beti Kristof

What can I say about artist Beti Kristof? I’ve been a fan of her art and creative sensibilities since the day we met. Her passion-filled spirit and paintings embrace life

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